Our Team

Matt Baker
Chart Designer

Andrew Playfoot
Warehouse Manager

Syawish Rehman
YouTube Animator

Josh Silickas
Customer Service Coordinator

Raven Williams
Warehouse Assistant

Nigel Young
Social Media Coordinator 

Our Philosophy

Founder Matt Baker sums it up like this:

"I've loved charts and diagrams ever since I was a young child. Like many others, I'm what you'd call a visual learner. I have found that in early grades, visual materials tend to be incorporated often. However, once a person reaches the higher grades, learning becomes almost exclusively based on reading texts and listening to lectures. There is often very little visually-based material available on more advanced subjects, particularly in the humanities. I started UsefulCharts is to help change this situation. Obviously, one cannot learn everything they need to know about a subject simply by looking at a chart. However, I find that charts often work well as both a starting point and an overall framework that can be continually returned to as one incorporates new material."


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