Frequently Asked Questions

Are digital versions available?

No. And there are no exceptions.

    What are the dimensions of the charts and what kind of paper are they printed on?

    All are 24x36 inches (61x91 cm). They are printed on 100 lb glossy cover, which is about the same thickness as a standard business card.

      What are your shipping rates and times?

      Note: Deadline for pre-Christmas delivery is Dec. 15th (Canada/US only)

      United States (USPS)
      1-2 weeks
      Canada (CanadaPost)
      1-2 weeks
      International * $15.00
      2-4 weeks

      * Price is per shipment. Depending on the country and the size of your order, you may be charged additional fees for customs/duty by your local delivery company. The customer is responsible for these fees.

      What is your return policy?

      I will send a free replacement or issue a refund if:

      1. you received the wrong item(s)
      2. your item(s) arrived damaged
      3. your item(s) have not arrived after 30 days (US/Canada) or 60 days (international)

      There is no need to return the wrong or damaged item. Please send a request to along with photos of the damage (if applicable). 

      Do you offer discounts?

      Yes. If you buy any 3 or more charts (separate titles or multiples), you will automatically receive 30% off your entire order. That works out to be less than $14 per chart. If the code does not automatically appear after clicking checkout, you can also enter it manually as "SAVE30".

      Schools, resellers, and homeschool groups that order 12 or more charts will receive a deeper discount ($10 per chart + free domestic shipping). Email me directly at to place an order.

      Do you accept PayPal?

      My store is set up to accept credit cards only but if you do not have one and/or would just really, really like to use PayPal instead, email me at and I will send you a Paypal invoice.

      Where can I buy your charts in person?

      The following stores stock my charts:

      Can I buy through Amazon, Etsy, etc.?

      Yes. My charts are also available on Amazon and are eligible for Prime. However, be careful of fake sellers who sometimes list my products at astronomical prices. Always click "See All Buying Options" and look for "UsefulCharts" under Seller Information.

      I also have an Etsy shop.

      My products sometimes appear on Ebay and non-US Amazon sites through third-party sellers. Search by product name to check prices and availability.

      Who designs the charts?

      See the About page. 

      What new charts might we see soon?

      I'm currently working a Timeline of Asian History. It should be ready by Spring 2018.

      Can you make a chart about ___?

      I love hearing suggestions. I can't guarantee that I'll make the chart you suggest but feel free to send me your ideas via the contact page.

      Do you do freelance work?

      Yes, but not very often. If you have a serious project that includes a sufficient budget for graphic design, feel free to email me at

      What program do you use to design the charts?

      LibreOffice Draw on Linux.

      Where are the wallcharts printed?

      All of my wallcharts are printed by MET Fine Printers in Vancouver, BC, Canada. MET is a leading eco-friendly printer that operates a carbon-neutral facility and uses only UV inks.

      Any comments about legal stuff?

      Yes. First of all, you should know that each wallchart that is sold on this website is copyrighted by UsefulCharts Publishing and should therefore not be duplicated and/or redistributed via any means, physical or electronic, without direct permission from the owner, Matt Baker.

      Second, when it comes to the individual images used within my wallcharts, I would like to state that I have made every effort to only use images that are either in the public domain or that are available via a Creative Commons license. In the latter case, I provide attributions when required. If I have unknowingly used your image without permission or proper attribution, please let me know asap at

      Third, please note that the charts that I make for the blog section of this website do sometimes contain individual images that are copyrighted by others (e.g. - pictures of actors from TV shows). These individual images are used under the doctrine of the fair use and because of the copyright associated with them, I am unable to sell printed versions of those charts. No exceptions.