Timeline of World History poster on Mr Iglesias

I've received several messages now from people saying something like, "Hey, I was watching this new show on Netflix and I think I spotted one of your charts". So, I checked it out (the show is called Mr. Iglesias) and lo and behold - they were right! Hanging in the classroom, just right of the big world map is my Timeline of World History chart!

The show stars stand-up comic Gabriel Iglesias (also known as "Fluffy") as a high school history teacher. It's your typical classroom-based sitcom and I was pleased to discover that my chart shows up quite a bit (especially when the camera shows the right side of the room). I don't get any royalties or anything but I certainly don't mind the extra exposure. If you have Netflix, check it out here, and if you want to get a copy of the chart you can buy it now from this store.

A few more shots:

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