The Crown (Netflix) Family Tree


Crown Netflix Family Tree


So, I watched the TV show The Crown on Netflix recently and couldn’t help but make the above chart. I think the casting directors and costuming people did a pretty good job at matching the actors to the historical characters:

I had such a fun time making it that when I discovered that there was also a new show called Victoria (originally on ITV in Britain and now on PBS Masterpiece in North America), I thought I’d make one for that too:



Of course, being someone who loves making charts, I couldn’t stop there. Since the two time periods covered in the two shows are fairly close in history, I combined the two family trees into one big chart. It only required one additional link (King Edward VII). And perhaps the most interesting thing about the final chart is that one actor is on there twice! Alex Jennings plays both King Leopold I on Victoria and the former King Edward VIII on The Crown:


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  • Meghan on

    Nicely done! I’ve had a passing fancy for the British monarchy (and Anglophilia in general,) but it’s really hit home once I learned that one of my fave actresses, Jenna Coleman, was going to portray Queen Victoria in the ITV/PBS Series. Now I’m very much fascinated by the ruling houses of Europe, past and present, moreso than I was taking AP European History. And connecting with “The Crown” is the icing on the royal cake (mainly watching that because of Matt Smith). Kudos!

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