Top 10 History YouTubers You Should Subscribe To

Last year I started my own YouTube channel as a way to promote my charts. By doing so, I also ended up discovering a bunch of other great history YouTubers. Here's a quick list of 10 of my favourites, including several that stand out to me because they're somehow different from the typical history YouTuber.

[ Listed in no particular order; also, please note that no one paid me or even asked me to be included ... ]

1. Cogito

Why I like this channel: High quality animation, interesting topics, humour + I love Irish accents :)

2. Jack Rackam

Why I like this channel: It's a biography channel and therefore each video tells a story. The animation is fast paced and super funny.

3. Epimetheus

Why I like this channel: Simple maps, good summaries, wide range of topics (i.e. - lots of ancient history and non-European history).

4. EmperorTigerstar

Why I like this channel: He's the original map animation YouTuber - a true pioneer when it comes to creating independent history content.

5. Mr. Beat

Why I like this channel: Mr. Beat is a real social studies teacher and a personable guy who shows his face in every video.

6. Al Muqaddimah

Why I like this channel: Neutral perspective, great animation, one of the few channels focused on Islamic history.

7. From Nothing

Why I like this channel: Dedicated to making sure precolonial Sub Saharan African history is not overlooked or misunderstood (as it unfortunately so often is).

8. A long, long time ago

Why I like this channel: One of the very few history channels run by a female. Started by a GCSE (high school) student to help other students and has the potential to go far.

9. Stefan Milo

Why I like this channel: Covers the really old prehistoric stuff, films at outdoor locations, epic moustache.

10. M. Laser History

Why I like this channel: He's the history YouTuber that helps get all the other history YouTubers to work together + he produces content on Eastern European history (whereas many channels focus only on Western Europe).

And finally...

While you're subscribing to a bunch of channels, make sure to subscribe to my own channel while you're at it! :)

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